January’s Shop of the Month

Small Shop Spotlight 

This months small shop spotlight is....

Small World Society

I have fallen in love with this Disney inspired small shop! Some of their designs have a very groovy feel to them and I think they are absolutely amazing! Their instagram handle is @smallworldsociety so go give them a follow and they will appreciate it greatly! They are some of the nicest people to work with! For this collaboration, we did a shop swap! I sent them a shirt from my small shop and they did the same for me! Below is a picture of me with my chosen shop swap shirt!

This is their Anyone Can Cook tee and it's one of their most popular shirts on their website! This top was designed after one of my favorite Pixar moves, "Ratatouille!" Small World Society has two more designs that is in their most popular category and they are "So This is love" and "There is a 
"Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow."

 Photographed below is their "So This is Love" Tee!

This wonderful small shop offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats! They aim to create designs that are retro and bright as well as highlight smaller characters and references. 

Small World Society decided to start their small shop just a few months into the famous pandemic lockdown. The duo (Jasmine and Kiran) are both Disney lovers who were missing the Disney magic and created digital designs as a hobby. They put the two together and decided to put some of their designs on a few shirts to see how it goes

Photographed below is their "Happy Place" Sweatshirt!

Depending on the design the dynamic duo comes up with, it takes quite a few hours to create. For simpler designs, it could take them from 1 - 2 hours, but the more detailed designs could be 4 or more hours. Kiran says that Jasmine is a perfectionist and is always nervous before releasing new designs, so sometimes there is a lot of back and forth before a design is produced. 

Small World Society uses fulfillment centers to make their products! Because they use a fulfillment center, it allows them to offer their products world wide easily! Which is fantastic because they live in the UK while I, live in the US! As a repeat customer of theirs, I must say, their products arrive to me very quickly!

Small World Societies favorite thing about creating their products is not only being creative and coming up with designs, but also interacting and getting to know people in the Disney community! They have been given the wonderful opportunity to meet some amazing people since opening up their small business!

You can find their products on their website by clicking here

Here are some fun facts about Jasmine and Kiran!

1. Jasmine is a crazy cat lady and treats their 3 cats like they are actual children
2. Kiran is Tupperware obsessed!!!!
3. They both are massive country music fans and always see Dan & Shay at least 3 times per tour when they visit the UK

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know the insider scoop and the amazing owners of Small World Society!

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