November’s Shop of the Month

Small Shop Spotlight 

I am bringing my blog back to life!! Finally!

I have fallen in love with all of these Disney themed small shops I have come across on my Instagram accounts and I just can't help myself but to share them with everyone!

First Small Shop Spotlight is....

Magical Threads Apparel

This is my own personal small shop and I am so proud of it! It's not booming yet, but maybe someday it will be! If you don't know my name, my name is Taylor. My Disney instagram handle is @once.upon.a.taylor and my Shop instagram handle is @magical_threads_apparel!

Click the photos to be redirected to my website for purchase!

I started my small shop to sell my Disney and Harry Potter Photography photos on them! I loved my photos so much that I wanted to share them with everyone in hopes that they will love just as much as I do! Not only do I sell tops with my photographs on them, but I also sell tops Graphic designs which include Disney and Harry Potter. 

The types of styles I sell are T-shirts, V-necks, Sweat shirts, Hoodies, and Tank tops! Not only can you choose your style, but you can also choose the color of your shirt as well! I like to give my customers as many options as possible!

Some of my most popular designs include the Flo's V8 Cafe tee pictured above and the I'm Only a Morning Person When I go to Disney tee pictured below! It makes me so happy that one of my photography shirts has made it into my most popular tees! It's the whole reason for my small shop existing!

The hours that it takes me to create my products really just depends if it is a photograph or a graphic tee. If it is a graphic tee, it may take me a few hours designing it on multiple platforms. If it is a photograph it may take me 30 minutes to an hour depeding on the editing process.
I use a company called TeeSpring to print and manufacture my products from their location. Which helps me a lot since I am always so busy. I don't know where I would find the time to create my products at home after designing them. Using a second company to help has been a huge help for my small shop. Not only do they print and manufacture the products, but they also send them straight to you after you purchase them. 

Not only do I create products that are Disney and Harry Potter themed, but I also create Holiday themed designs and of course they are Disney themed. I just can't help myself! I love sharing my love for Disney! One of my Christmas products is pictured above and it may be one of my favorites! I currently have four Halloween themed designs, one Thanksgiving design, and five Christmas designs. 

Another amazing thing about my small shop is that my prices are very reasonable! All t-shirts, v-necks, and sweaters are $20, all tank tops are $19, and all hoodies are $30! I also have multiple sales throughout the year and have many wonderful brand reps who have discount codes to share with their followers! And one last thing..... Not only do I sell to the US, I also sell to the UK!!! 

All of my products can be purchased by clicking here! The link will open up a new window to my small shop! 

Here are some fun facts about me!

1. I have five cats! I seriously believe they find me and then they stay!
2. My favorite holiday is Christmas!
3. I love supporting other small shops and dream to become a brand rep for one! I keep trying, but failing... Hopefully one day it'll come true!
4. I am a fourth grade math teacher in a small town school!
5. I am a photographer in my small town. 
6. I haven't had my small shop for a year yet. It's coming up though in April!
7. I hate hearing myself talk in videos. I have a hard time video taping myself and you may never see it on my instagram. I need to be less shy lol
8. I live in Texas but wish to live in Flordia near my second home.... Disney World!
9. I would love to meet my Disney Instagram friends at the park one day!

This is starting to become a wish list haha! 

I hope you enjoyed the first ever Small Shop Spotlight post!
Up next is Just Wonderland Apparel! 


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