December’s Shop of the Month

Small Shop Spotlight

This months small shop spotlight is....

Just Wonderland

Just Wonderland is owned by my Instagram online Disney friend, Emily! I just love her designs that she creates for shop! Her shop’s Instagram handle is @junstwonderlandapparel and her Disney account is @disneywithemilyy
She posts the most amazing Disney photos on both accounts, she is a must to follow!

Above is a photo of Emily showing off her "The Mermaid We Know" tee located in her "Classic Collection"! This tee is just amazing and is definitely on my list of shirts to purchase from her! You can get this beautiful design in her shop in many different colors!

Not only does Emily offer shirts in her shop, she also offers coffee mugs for you to enjoy! This mug is called The "Pumpkin Latte" Mug and it is perfect to enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee during the cold months coming ahead!

UPDATE: Emily has just recently added a gifts collection to her page!!! She is now offering blankets that cost $40, throw pillows that cost $36.99, and post cards that cost $7! They currently feature her most popular design called "Baby Snowflake!"

What makes Emily's products so unique is that they are her own take on Disney characters and rides! What inspired her to create her own Disney inspired shop is her love for Disney and art! 
Emily, unfortunately lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was stressing about it terribly. To relieve her stress, she sat down and started to draw. As she was drawing, the thought hit her, "I'll open a small shop!" And four months later, here were are! A wonderful small shop has been born!

Above I am wearing one of Emily's most popular designs at the moment and it is the "Baby Snowflake" Tee! Baby Yoda is one of my favorite characters. As soon as I saw this design pop up on her Instagram feed, it was an immediate purchase! 

She also says her t-shirts get sold the most out of all of the other products she offers! Not only does she sell mugs and t-shirts, but she also offers sweaters and tank tops! That gives her buyers so much more to choose from to match their style preference. 

Prices for all products are also always at a reasonable price! Her Mugs are between the prices of $15-$20 depending on the design, tank tops are all $22.99, sweaters are all $32, and t-shirts are between $24 and $25!

Pictured above is the "Colors of the Wind" design! This one is inspired by the one and only Pocahontas! This shirt has definitely been added to my Christmas list!

Emily has such a strong work ethic that it could take her either 2 -3 hours to create a design or she will be drawing until 2 - 3 AM! Holy Cow! That is a lot of time designing her products! However, in the end they are so beautiful and so worth sharing with the world! I will always support this small shop and showcase her designs! 

One of her newest designs is "Beauty Within" it is a mixture of the live action Beauty and the Beast and the original animated Beauty and the Beast! This one has been purchased by me and I did it as soon as I saw the photo pictured above!

Emily's favorite thing about designing her products is knowing that her best work is out there for everyone to enjoy! She loves knowing the moment someone opens up their package they will have a smile on their face!

By clicking the here, you will be redirected to Just Wonderlands website!

Here are some fun facts about Emily!

1. She got married right after turning 20 years old.
2. She is a fur mommy to two adorable white toy chihuahuas.
3. She will be celebrating her 5 year anniversary with her husband in January!
4. She was on drumline and was the head snare player. Not only that, she was the drum captain for 4 years!
5. She loves to sing!

Click the photo above to purchase the "Never Grow Up" tee!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Just Wonderland and the owner, Emily!

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