Disneyland California Adventure Day 1 Alone

Ever thought of going to Disneyland alone?
Don't have anyone to go to Disneyland with? 
Well I am going to explain everything that I did during my time at Disneyland alone! 
I hope it helps on deciding to go to Disneyland alone or not. 

We did not stay at a Disneyland resort hotel. The reason why I even got to go to Disneyland was because my boyfriend had to work in Anaheim, California, and I was like, "I'm going with you, but I'm going to Disney Land while you work!"

Day 1

Disney Land California Adventure

So on my first day on my solo trip to Disney Land, I decided to go to Disney’s California Adventure!

I immediately got my phone out and started to take pictures of everything on my way to Cars Land. My goal was to hit the main attraction first and I did. I was some of the first few on the Radiator Springs Racers by going through the single rider line. Which I highly recommend doing if you are alone.

I didn't know anyone in this car! But that was okay, because I was having a blast at my happy place. 

The next thing I did was go take pictures of everything I could possibly think of through out Cars Land. I even got a picture with Lighting McQueen!! And it's probably one of my favorite pictures I got while being at Disney’ California Adventure.

Once through with Cars Land, I went towards the Monsters Inc, Mike and Sully to the Rescue ride. But on the way, I had to take a picture with Minnie Mouse. (Yes I was the only adult taking a picture with her, but I did not care.) 

Then I found out that Anna and Olaf were out, so I went and got a picture with them as well. I met a wonderful elderly couple that only come to Disneyland to take pictures. I ended up running into the elderly woman and asked her if she could help me pick out my first set of Minnie Mouse ears. I couldn't decide between the polka dot one with the red bow or the rose gold. She picked the polka dot ones with the red bow, so that is what I bought. She was such a sweet lady and I will always remember that moment. 

The Monsters Inc ride was a great relaxing ride and it wasn't very long either. I highly recommend it if you love Monsters Inc. or you just need some cool air. 

My next stop was a picture with Captain America! He was super fun. He interacted and played with the kids. He saw a shoe mark on my leg and decided it was my battle wound from my most recent battle. But in reality I was just resting my foot on my leg. (I tend to stand weird sometimes. But thats okay.) 

Then of course, I had to go ride the Little Mermaid ride across from Pixar Pier.  Once that ride was over there was a cast member with a camera and I had to get my photo taken with the lake and the ferris wheel right behind me! That location is just iconic. It is a must have photo to get while you are there. 

I then headed over to the Incredicoaster. Again, I recommend single rider for this one as well. Not once did I use a fast pass to ride this ride. Single rider goes by pretty quickly. You go through the exit. Wait, they will number you out, then you go up the elevator, go across the balcony, and then down the elevator. Once you’ve done all of that, a cast member will place you in a line.

I am in the middle row on the left! Next to some random guy making a funny face for the picture! Lol 

 I then strolled along Pixar Pier and found Toy Story Midway Mania. I quickly grabbed a fast pass for it and jumped in line. If you look at the picture below, I didn't do too terrible. LOL. 

After riding Toy Story Mania, I was starving! So I headed over to the Lamplight Lounge. I enjoyed eating Potato skins and a yummy Margarita!! The food was amazing. You can make a reservation here, but that is something I did not do. I honestly just walked right in and they sat me at the bar. I waited no more the five minutes to get seated.
If you click here to view their menu.
Apologies for the not so great photo of my meal. I did not think about taking a picture until I was in the middle of my meal. 

After my lovely lunch, I thought I would FaceTime my lovely grandmother who has never been to Disneyland and has always wanted to go. She enjoyed me FaceTiming her so much. If you’re alone, maybe take some time to FaceTime a loved one. 

The next thing I did was go ride soarin after scoring a last minute fast pass. You can’t take pictures during it, so I have none to show you unfortunately. I love riding soarin. It’s a classic, it’s relaxing, and it’s just a lot of fun! I highly recommend riding it if you get the chance. The line is always super long, so you need to try and get a fast pass. 

The next thing I did was head on over to the Guardians of the Galaxy ride!! I rode this once with a fast pass and once by waiting in line. I couldn’t help myself but to ride this ride two times in a row. This ride just makes me so happy. This ride makes it feel like you are free falling but I promise you that you are not. TIP: always buckle your belongings in your seatbelt so you don’t loose them. Things do fly up when your falling. 

I am in the front row right side in the pink shirt! Of course my arms up! It’s one of my favorite rides ever!! Lol

This one you can’t see me very well... but I am in the very back row on the far right with my arms up again!!
After this I went to the Animated drawing class. We got to draw Piglet, I was so excited. You don’t have to be wonderful at drawing because no one really cares. I actually do like drawing, but I just never do it. We walked inside the room when it was my groups turn and you get to pick your own seat. I sat in an area alone because I just wanted some peace and quiet and honestly I did. This is also a great time to get a bit of a cool down. One fun thing about this is that you do not need a reservation. Just pay attention to the time and show up about 10-15 minutes early and you should be good! 

This is a picture of where the artist stands and speaks to you. The white screen is where you look to see what you are suppose to be attempting to draw. 

This was my end product! Of course when I got home I erased all of the extra lines that helps you shape the face. The pencils they give you to use has no erasers. So draw lightly if you are not confident and then simply make it darker when your completely finished.

I hope you enjoyed the explanation of my first trip to Disney’s California Adventure alone. Fun fact: it was actually my first time there ever and I had a blast. 


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