How I Got Hooked on Disney Theme Parks

Holy moly guys! How could anyone ever forget their first trip to a Disney Theme Park?!
I know for a fact I cannot. It is what got me hooked and I have been hooked ever since May of 2013.

I apologize for the horrible quality, but it was 2013.... lol

Me and two very close friends of mine from high school decided to take a trip to Walt Disney World for a high school graduation trip to ourselves. I was so awe struck by the idea that I couldn't say no! I saved and saved for that trip. My grandmother thought I was insane for wanting to go and didn't think I could save up enough money for it. But my golly I did it and I went. This trip was also the first trip I took without adults, so it was very exciting for me!

I remember sitting at my friends families kitchen table selecting our hotel (All-Star Movies Resort), selecting our daily tickets (4), our ground transportation (Disney's Airport Shuttle Bus), and our airfare (also the first time I was ever on a plane. I think you might be getting why I could never forget this trip.)

I fell in love with every single park! At the time my favorite parks in order were: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. I think I would enjoy Epcot more if I was 21 and could have had a drink or two ha. I hope to go back soon and see what the order will be the next time. The talk is that my boyfriend and I will go for my College graduation trip in September of 2020. Fingers crossed.

Going to Walt Disney World was like a dream come true. My first experience was amazing and unforgettable. Every cast member was oh so nice and our hotel room was always tidy thanks to the mousekeepers. The theming of the hotel we stayed and at and visited were all on point as well as all of the dining. The food wasn't half bad either depending on where you eat! lol


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