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February’s Shop of the Month

Small Shop Spotlight  This months small shop spotlight is.... Print Taylor Design This small shop is being posted a bit late due tue me being crazy busy lately... But I am so excited to announce that Print Taylor Design is our new Small Shop of the Month this February! Jessica was so fun to work with this month during the collaboration and you'll just love learning about her and her small magical shop! You can visit her on instagram here and her facebook here .  This first shirt I recieved from her for our collaboration! It is one of her popular designs! It is called " Hogwarts from the Books T-shirt!" The photo pictured below is me wearing it and I absolutly love it! Click here to purchase the t-shirt or if you prefer a sweater, click here !! Print Taylor Design (PTD) is a small shop that creates magic inspired apparel that is minimalistc and subtle designs to help fans show off their love for Disney and Harry Potter everyday! While Taylor was shopping for Disney tees,

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